A beacon of innovation and reliability within the industrial landscape, proudly representing the esteemed Two Roads Group.

Paltech Ghana stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability within the industrial landscape, proudly representing the esteemed Two Roads Group. As a vital member of this consortium, Paltech Ghana specializes in industrial manufacturing and engineering services tailored to the processing sector. Our unwavering dedication extends across the spectrum of manufacturing, maintenance, inspection, testing, and repair of process flow equipment. From valves and pumps to steel structures and boilers, Paltech Ghana delivers unparalleled quality and precision.

Embedded within the Two Roads Group, Paltech Ghana flourishes as a solutions powerhouse across diverse sectors. Our expertise spans critical industries including Power Generation, Chemical and Petrochemical Processing, Water, Food & Beverage, Mining, Oil & Gas, Maritime, and Pulp and Paper. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we navigate the complexities of each sector, delivering tailored solutions that drive success and sustainability for our clients.


Core Offerings


Valves and Pumps Manufacturing and Maintenance

  • Our mastery extends to the manufacture, automation, instrumentation, and maintenance of advanced valves and pumps.
  • From butterfly to globe valves, and Horizontal WA Pump to PALTECH Self Primer, our comprehensive offerings meet the most demanding industrial requirements.


AIA Services

  • Paltech Ghana offers a suite of Inspection, Assessment, and Assurance (AIA) services, ensuring regulatory compliance and asset integrity.
  • Our services encompass in-service and manufacturing inspections, conformity assessment, design reviews, and comprehensive asset integrity programs.


Wear Lining

Addressing material handling challenges, our specialized wear lining solutions optimize flow and minimize wear, reducing operational costs for bulk material handling plants.


Heat Treatment, Sand Blasting & Painting

  • Paltech Ghana provides professional heat treatment, corrosion protection, sandblasting, and industrial painting services.
  • From post-weld heat treatment to corrosion protection for steel industries, our services ensure longevity and performance for critical assets.


Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

  • With proficiency in conventional and advanced NDT methods, Paltech Ghana serves diverse industries including Power Generation, Petrochemical, Mining, and Oil & Gas.
  • Our NDT services range from boiler and pressure vessel inspections to corrosion mapping and new fabrication assessments.


Industrial Welding

  • Our welding expertise encompasses machining, fabrication, and testing, with a focus on critical parts in challenging environments.
  • Whether rebuilding surfaces or cladding materials, Paltech Ghana excels in welding solutions for high-temperature, high-pressure, and erosive conditions.

Contact Details

For inquiries and partnerships, please reach out to

Alexander Agyemang Lartey (Sales Manager)